Beat the NEET offers best features for the medical students and doctors who are preparing for Medical PG entrance exam for 2019. Practice test enhances knowledge and confidence to attempt the NEET PG main exam. With the latest advancement, Nation Board of Examinations have initiated Online NEET PG entrance exam. To prepare, candidates has to have the knowledge of how the main exam will be. This is made easier at Beat the NEET. Our free online mock tests and NEET PG practice questions are exact replica of main PG entrance exam provided with smart ticker clock reminding time, questions with detailed image based answers, comment and flag options. Register today to attempt free PG mock test. Following are the features available at Beat the NEET

Online NEET PG practice test series at Beat the NEET includes set of questions as per subject wise with detailed image based answers written by medical industry experts. In practice test, you can add notes for respective questions, flag and inserting comments, as it aids in easy evaluation, understand the topics and subjects in detail. You can avail unlimited mock test attempts that help in upcoming PG medical entrance preparation.


Online NEET PG Practice Test - My Latest Tests 

  • View latest practice tests attempted
  • Analyze average time taken for each test
  • Evaluate overall performance
  • View or review results

NEET PG Create My Test in Beat the NEET is an option to create your own test with random questions that helps in analyzing individual ability over the subject and topic. You can manually choose the subject you may require extra practice. Set your clock to practice the online NEET PG mock test series that increases your confidence and knowledge.

  • Choose number of questions to create your own test
  • Select subjects and time duration
  • Smart clock ticker to remind time duration
  • Pause to analyze answer and continue the questions
  • Missed or un attempted questions will be displayed beside the questions

Evaluation report displays detailed analysis and results of the individual performance of questions attempted, time taken, scores by category and subject wise, detailed analysis of overall score, individual evaluation and group evaluation analysis.

  • Analytics helps in subject wise analyzing and evaluating
  • Analyze average score, time duration, score by category results
  • Analyze individual evaluation and group evaluation of results, subject wise performance report