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Zhu Bixin met CASC leadership

General Office     2022-03-16         

On March 15, Zhu Bixin, China Chengtong’s Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman, met China Aviation Supplies Holding Company (CASC) Party chief and Chairman Xu Siwei and deputy Party chief and President Yang Xiaoming at the Group’s headquarters. China Chengtong’s leaders Shan Zhongli, Huang Jing’an, Li Yousheng, Wang Wenjun and Chen Yong, and CASC’s Ren Yu, Zhu Yong and Wang Yingcai attended the meeting.


Zhu Bixin welcomed Xu Siwei and his colleagues. Zhu briefed China Chengtong’s achievements since carrying out the pilot state capital operation. He hoped that China Chengtong and CASC could strengthen their cooperation in capital operation, SOEs’ reform and the development of strategical emerging industries to achieve concerted development and win-win outcomes.

Xu Siwei introduced CASC’s history of reform and current development status, especially its accomplishments made in fulfilling the mission of aircraft procurement and aviation equipment support. The two parties should work more in scientific and technological innovation and coordination in the capital market to promote a quality-oriented development for both companies.

Head of China Chengtong’s General Office, Department of Accounting and Department of Strategic Development, and relevant personnel from CASC participated in the meeting.

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