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China Chengtong awarded ‘Excellent Issuer of Innovative Products of Corporate Bonds’ and ‘Excellent Issuer of Corporate Bonds’ in 2021

Department of Accounting     2022-03-14         

China Chengtong was awarded by Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) the ‘Excellent Issuer of Innovative Products of Corporate Bonds’ and the ‘Excellent Issuer of Corporate Bonds’ in 2021, recognising the Group’s bond issuance, underwriting, trading, innovation and organisation by the capital market and professional service institution.


As the main function and daily business activities of capital operating company, financing is the basis of great importance to ensure the smooth development of capital operation. By making full use of the Group’s capital operating platforms, China Chengtong aims to establish a cross-markets integrated financing system that boasts omni channels and multiple tools to be disposed of. China Chengtong has obtained the qualifications consecutively on issuing the corporate bonds at SSE and Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), enterprise bonds approved by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and high-quality shelf issuance in the inter-bank markets, realising the full coverage of the issuance of cross-market bond varieties of corporate bonds, enterprise bonds and medium-term notes (MTN). In 2021, the financing limit of newly registered bonds of China Chengtong reached 55 billion yuan, and the Group has issued 49.4 billion-yuan corporate bonds and 20.5 billion-yuan MTN respectively, providing low-cost capital guarantee for completing the key tasks of capital operation. Through the issuance of science and technology innovation related bonds, the Group has supported strategic emerging industries in line with the national strategic development direction from both investment and financing ends, which reflects China Chengtong’s responsibility as a state capital operating company. China Chengtong has also built a positive capital operation ecosystem and a welcoming image in the capital market by strengthening the interaction and communication with the capital market and standardising the Group’s information disclosure of bond issuance.

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